Cost-effective energy savings in healthcare buildings ?

A decision support software tool for hospital managers: getting the best advice for newly built and refurbishing hospitals.

  • Improve your hospital building

    Hospitals represent 6% of the whole energy consumption in the utility buildings sector.

  • Learn how to save energy

    HVAC and Lighting account for nearly 80% of all energy use within hospitals.

  • Save money & make smart investment

    Let the HosPilot tool choose for you the best technologies to reach up to 40% savings.

  • Adaptable for all European countries

    All major European applicable hospital norms, per country, for lighting and HVAC are implemented in our product..

  • Cross-Browser compatibility

    HosPilot tool is fully compliant with the general Web standards, and is cross-browser compatible

  • Reliable algorithms

    HosPilot implements reliable and well-proven algorithms inspired by building simulation softwares.

HosPilot is envisioned as an expert system providing – to the technical advisor or facility manager of a hospital – information on possibilities for energy saving by making educated choices between different available technical improvements for lighting and HVAC. The basis of these choices is the opportunity for energy conservation that those technology solutions offer. The basis of the selection is the estimated payback period / total cost of ownership, or, if this is not possible to access without an in-situ investigation, the relative installation difficulty.

  • Inputs

    Information about office usage, number of offices, office window size & orientation, blinds type, room size and average reflectance entered by the user of the HosPilot expert system.

  • Outputs

    A list of possible ECOs that require minimal installation effort is generated by the methodology, together with an estimation of the expected energy savings and costs, casu quo installation difficulty.

  • Expert software

    The essence of HosPilot is to capture the expertise of lighting and HVAC consultants for hospital facility managers. What questions do consultants ask? What decision criteria are used?

  • Improve your building

    After collecting information about the hospital, two typical directions can be chosen: How to upgrade the current situation with minor interventions? or What is possible if you go all-the-way?

Our product is dedicated to Hospital Facility manager and Hospital Decision maker in order to make refurbishment decision. This tool helps drastically reduce the energy consumption of newly built hospitals and existing hospitals being refurbished, while at the same time increasing well being and comfort.

  • Hospital Facility manager

    (e.g. head of the hospital technical staff)

    He collects the necessary input information for the system (if necessary, liaise with the hospital technical staff, consultants, energy services companies, etc.) and he enters this information into the system and launch the HosPilot engine.

  • Hospital Decision maker

    (e.g. general manager / head of the refurbishment strategy for the hospital)

    He analyses the report generated by the HosPilot tool and he decides the refurbishment strategy among the solutions proposed by the tool

  • Technology manufacturer / provider

    (HVAC, Lighting, ICT)

    He regularly updates its technology portfolio into the tool (or he communicates it to the HosPilot software development team)

The HOSPILOT Alliance is the easiest and most inexpensive way to make the web software available. Joining the HosPilot Alliance is free of charge for any interested party that is willing to contribute to the HosPilot tool development, and/or interested in its business exploitation.

This program has two primary goals:

  • To develop a full web version of the HOSPILOT tool to support the decision makers with an integrated approach which helps drastically reduce the energy consumption of newly built hospitals or existing hospitals being refurbished
  • To build a community which can share experience and other learning resources to support the use of these technologies and to combine expertise on HVAC, lighting, and ICT
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The essence of HosPilot is to capture the expertise of Lighting and HVAC consultants for providing intuitive decision support to hospital managers.
Henk Schepers, Philips Lighting NL, HosPilot Coordinator