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During the first two years of the HosPilot project, the complete tool architecture has been designed, as well as a demo-system that is supporting a limited number of ECOs (Energy Conservation Opportunities). The project consortium is now planning to continue developing this demo-system into a final software tool. Also, while the current implementation focuses on partial refurbishments, the option for more drastic renovations needs to be made available. In order to ensure the continuation of this development after the end of the HosPilot contract with the European Commission, we are forming the HosPilot Alliance.

Joining the HosPilot Alliance is free of charge for any interested party that is willing to use the trial version or contribute to the HosPilot tool development, and/or interested in its business exploitation. Once the Alliance is formed, the governance structure and the by-laws will be established and then the exact next actions will be determined and a marketing and development plan created.

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